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Block-NamedVar (0.006) ****

module that allows you to write "foreach" loops where you can extract multiple, named, values from the for argument.

nfor my ( $key, $value ) ( %a_hash ) {

print $key, " = ", $value, "\n";


Something I'd like to see built in the next version of Perl (pretty please).

You can, of course have nfor inside nfor, inside nfor, ... This is the first module, I believe, that allows you to do that.

I would have liked to see a benchmark for this module.

As much as I think nfor is nice to have, I see little usage for ngrep and nmap.

The module uses Devel::Declare::Interface. I don't know if it is a good coding example but it may be worth having a look at it

Altogether a nice "Sugar" module that could make code look better.