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BerkeleyDB (0.50) *

Can't install with CPAN tools without manual intervention. You either need to set environment variables or modify the config file to indicate the location of the installed headers and library. The Makefile.PL should do this automatically for the user by probing their system based off of the headers and libraries in the Config module.

BerkeleyDB (0.39) ***

A solid module, but some interfaces are pretty weird (methods don't return values, they populate variables you supply as arguments) and the documentation leaves a lot of holes and "TODO" (to-write) sections. If some people out there know how to fill the holes (I don't, unfortunately) it would be most appreciated if someone could submit doc patches.

BerkeleyDB (0.27) *****

Being able to use all this power from within perl is just amazing!
The author is also very responsive and helpful.

The POD doc is quite sparse but this is really not a problem since this module almost strictly follow the C API, which is heavily documented on the sleepycat website (maybe a link in the POD would be helpful).
Examples from the C reference manual can be adapted to perl in a minute (except with far less lines of code!)

BerkeleyDB (0.26) *****

This is a solid, well-written interface to a solid, well-written database. My application exercises the module fairly extensively including using multiple, simultaneous database environments, memory pools, secondary indexes, transactions, transaction checkpointing, log management, table removal and the Berkeley DB's hot recovery method. And it all just works. Plus Paul Marquess and Keith Bostic of SleepyCat monitor the BerkeleyDB news group answering quickly and authoritatively questions about the db and its interface. Awesome.

Thanks for such excellent work,

BerkeleyDB (0.25) *****

It's simply the best

BerkeleyDB (0.24) *****

This is more advanced version of DB_File and the best module to use with BerkeleyDB library [for 'db-maniacs'] ;-) Please complete all documentation. Best regards.