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Alien-SmokeQt ( *****

enables perlqt4 to work, that alone deserves 5 or more stars.

Alien-SmokeQt ( *

It's impossible to build it using a package manager. I use Arch Linux and this package is impossible to build using the pacman package manager. The Makefile.PL looks more like a c style makefile. It's in perl code but doesn't resemble a perl Makefile.PL.

KeyKey 'file' (/home/myra/.cpanplus/5.16.0/build/Alien-SmokeQt- is of invalid type for 'CPANPLUS::Dist::MM::_find_prereqs' provided by CPANPLUS::Dist::MM::prepare at /usr/share/perl5/core_perl/CPANPLUS/ line 823.
[ERROR] Unable to scan '/home/myra/.cpanplus/5.16.0/build/Alien-SmokeQt-' for prereq

The key part here is "Makefile is of invalid type". The Makefile shouldn't try to run cmake to determine the dependencies.