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Algorithm-Diff (1.1902) *****

Very useful and nice job. The module works exactly as is said in the documentation. The examples are clear and the functions that the module provides allows to make different experiments with the data. The user can format the output to fit his/her requirements in easy way.

Algorithm-Diff (1.1902) *****

Very nice job. This module works as documented. I am comparing files in the 1 to 1000 line range.

Algorithm-Diff (1.1902) *****

Excellent native-perl implementation of the diff algorithm. It has a bit of a learning curve, but it works exactly as advertised in the POD.

Algorithm-Diff (1.1901) *

I'm trying to do a diff of two text files with about 40,000 lines each.
GNU diffutils finds 115 chunks but Algorithm::Diff finds one great big mega chunk.

Algorithm-Diff (1.15) ****

Interface: simple and powerful.