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perl (5.20.1) ****

good job, thanks for all, especially for including DBD::Mysql

perl (0.0017)

Some historical background -- around 1 May 2007, HOOO uploaded a distribution named "perl". Most of the negative comments are referring to this:

The module in question was a pragma called "perl" which exported Perl6::Say into your namespace.

perl (5.8.7) ***

Too many modules are "unreviewable" because the CPAN page that contains the review link is actually the CPAN page for Perl itself.

perl (5.8.6) *****

This rating is just symbolic. :-)

In actual fact, I don't believe Perl deserves 5 stars on all counts (documentation, interface, ease of use); it doesn't even really deserve them in any one count. (To be sure, none of them deserves less than 3 stars either.) But it is a big distribution, with *many* separate things to review. A lot more than three criteria would be required to even attempt a real review, and they'd need a finer scale than 1-5 stars too, and a review wouldn't fit in this margin anyway.

So I give it 5 stars for the great things it has accomplished and continues to accomplish, rather than for what it is, and I think that is perfectly justified.

perl (5.8.5) *****

perl is, of course, teh r0xx0r ;)

perl (5.8.0) *****

Perl is one of the few tools I've used constantly since I learned it over 10 years ago. Its uses are many and varied. With each new version, documentation is added or clarified and new features are added that allow perl to be used in an ever-widening array of situations. Perl 5.8.0 is great! I highly recommend it to anyone.

perl (5.8.0) *****

Excellent distribution. Without this CPAN just would not be able to exist
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