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common-sense (3.6) *

Awful. Turn off warning for undef ?? This is actually pretty uncommon. Use it if you write crappy software.

common-sense (3.4) *****

This module is better than Peanut Butter! I have entire essays on why stuff like warnings and taint control are annoying, and this module fixes all of that.

Use common::sense... always!

Common-Sense (0.01) *

This is going to be very amusing for machines without case sensitivity, such as windows, due to 'common::sense' already existing.

And this is much less useful than 'common::sense', which is already low on usefulness.

common-sense (2.0) **

Very interesting, efficient, and potentially something I'd use all the time.

But it's let down twice by the module name and the abstract ("Kittens?") which make it extremely hard to do things like request packaging from corporate IT departments without going through uncomfortable amounts of grilling.

So no common::sense for me, alas.

common-sense (0.04) *****

I use common::sense in all my applications now. Next of my
module releases will use it too. It saves me a lot of typing 'use strict; no warnings;' becomes 'use common::sense;'.

common-sense (0.04) *

Just one more reason to drop JSON::XS from my distribution list

common-sense (0.03) *****

Inconceivable that I would ever write a review like this but the other ones have probably not really read what the SYNOPSIS says. This module is quite for sure *not* just a repetition of all the other "use strict, use warnings"-approaches, and it's also not the opposite. Just look twice. And for its chosen middle-way it's also not the worst name ever. And everything is documented.

common-sense (0.03) **

Awful name (not a proper pragma), and the SYNOPSIS doesn't tell you anything either. Nor is it clear what features have to do with "common sense" or discipline.

common-sense (2.0) *

The documentation for the module makes completely false claims. It says "save a tree AND a kitten".

Not only did my tree get a disease and die, but one of my kittens ran away and I haven't seen him again.

I blame this Perl module.
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