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XML-MyXML (0.0986) ****

Excellent module for quickly turning an arrayref/hashref combo data struct into XML or vice versa. Also, with no crazy dependencies I can actually use this on Window boxes as well as all of the linux / mac osx boxes I have. I expect to be using this in an upcoming project, having to deal with the output of a PowerShell data object as an XML file.

The only 'gotcha' that I want to point out, is that the path method is not an xpath parser and you shouldn't include the root tag when specifying a node path. But, once that's down, it becomes extremely easy to create subnode's and turn those subnodes into simplified structs that Perl can deal with natively.

XML-MyXML (0.098) *****

Very simple to install and use--MyXML requires no additional compiled programs, unlike other XML parsers.

Uses tree-like objects which make a great deal more sense to me than streams.

The author is also extremely responsive and helpful--thanks again!

XML-MyXML (0.097)

The comparison between this and XML::LibXML is unfair, mostly to libxml. This is as it says "A simple-to-use XML module, for parsing and creating XML documents", exactly what libxml is not. The module just slurps in the xml file into memory in one line in a useable form and there it is your done. That task given to libxml involves quite a bit more to say the least.

That said it is young, "tidy_xml('cfg.xml',{file=>1});" might be a syntax clarification a first time user would need for example.

XML-MyXML (0.075) ****

Easy to use for small xml files if you do not need the overhead of a heavy xml parser. And a very fast help of the creator.

XML-MyXML (0.03) *

XML::Simple and XML::LibXML are far more mature than this module and seem to do the same job.