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XML-Feed (0.43) *****

Just wanted to say: It works really nice! And it seems to make
easy to tackle the problem of all those different feed formats.
I've just yesterday released AnyEvent::Feed, which is a nice
convenience wrapper around AnyEvent::HTTP and XML::Feed. It works
really well for me :) Without XML::Feed I would've stayed out of
the Web 2.0 feed world :-)

XML-Feed (0.41) *****

It just works, most outstanding.

XML-Feed (0.12) *****

I hereby declare my love for this module.

In a matter of minutes, the clean and precise documentation allowed me to parse Atom, RSS1 and RSS2 with just a few lines of code.

Way to go, Benjamin!

XML-Feed (0.12) *****

Very easy-to-use OO interface, but occassionally the output isn't valid, and some Atom is unimplemented (as of 0.10).

Right now, I'd recommend L<XML::Atom::SimpleFeed> if you want to generate Atom feeds.

As for reading XML (RSS/Atom) feeds, XML::Feed is great. It pretty much handles anything that you throw at it, which is why I use it in L<Catalyst::Model::XML::Feed>. :)

XML-Feed (0.07) *****

I have several blogs. Now, in order for them to be syndicated in a certain Planet, I was instructed to aggregate all their feeds into one feed. At first, due to the constraints imposed by the Debian Woody that my remote system had, I used an Evil hack with a patched XML::RSS::Aggregate, a patched XML::RSS module, and lots and lots of evil logic.

Now I converted everything to using XML::Feed and just upload the RSS feed to the server (which is Sarge now). My code is so clean it isn't even funny. I've also used XML::Feed to syndicate my home site blog as news on my homepage.

5 Stars.