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WWW-Scraper-ISBN-ISBNdb_Driver (0.07) *****

This is a backend for WWW::Scraper::ISBN, a method of retrieving information about books via their international standard book number (ISBN) from the internet. This particular module obtains this information from the "isbndb.com" web site. In order to use the module, each user needs to obtain a string called a "key" from isbndb.com.

Once you have obtained your key, you can test whether it works with the test scripts provided with this module. For example, in Cygwin, I installed this module, then set a variable "ISBNDB_ACCESS_KEY" like this:



and went to the test directory of the module, "/home/bkb/.cpan/build/WWW-Scraper-ISBN-ISBNdb_Driver-0.07/t" and ran the following test:

$ perl -T 01-isbndb.t

The module worked correctly as described to retrieve information about books based on their ISBNs from the isbndb.com web site.

However, it would be nice if the module's default behaviour didn't require "no warnings;". Also the module currently has a bug that it doesn't check its return value from Business::ISBN->new() and so it just crashes on a bad ISBN value with a weird error message instead of failing cleanly.

[This review was altered on 4 April 2009 to reflect changes to this driver module.]