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Time-Local (1.2000) *****

General advice: Use the DateTime modules, or almost anything else than Time::Local if DateTime doesn't suit you.

For general "handle dates" purposes Time::Local is a terrible choice. Even for parsing dates, it's unlikely to be the right choice ("Date::Parse" builds on it though).

However - for doing "the reverse of local time and gmtime" this module is the best. It's fast and the API is simple if you have a parsed date that you just need a unix timestamp for.

Tonight I had 200 million of those and on the system that had the data that'd take 16 hours to parse with DateTime::Format::RFC3339, 3 hours with Date::Parse and 45 minutes with split and Time::Local.

Time-Local (1.1901)

Wait for Time::y2038 to be more stable, then use that. Time::Local is fine, but it has too many special cases for interpreting data.

Time-Local (1.13)

It seems to me that the author of previous rating did not understand the purpose of the module (being just the inverse of perl's localtime() function) and how to use it (like localtime, timelocal uses 0..11 as month range).
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