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Test-Dependencies (0.20)

To the previous reviewers and others checking these reviews: Starting release 0.20, Test::Dependencies will only test perl files (*.pl, *.pm, *.t and scripts starting with a perl shebang line), or a list of files explicitly passed.
Your concerns presumably have been addressed.

Test-Dependencies (0.11) **

I have to agree with the previous reviewer. For example, audio data files below the t directory, or even the temporary .swp file generated by vim while a file is being edited cause this module to complain and fail. I'd also love to use this module, but...

Test-Dependencies (0.08) **

This would be a great module if it worked well. However, it's just extremely finicky. It doesn't handle even slightly unusual circumstances very well (for example, having non-Perl files or even temp files in the wrong place). I'd really like to see this module get some TLC and become useful.