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Test-Aggregate (0.364) *****

This is an amazing module which speeds up your test suite enormously especially if you are testing a heavy catalyst app with a big DBIC schema.

One test which uses Test::MockTime failed though. Loading Test::MockTime before Test::Aggregate::Nested fixed it and MockTime did what it was supposed to.

Test-Aggregate (0.31) *****

The slower a test suite runs, the less likely folk will run it - so Test::Aggregate is a useful addition to my tool set when I've got a traditional set of *.t Perl tests that need to be run more quickly.

When I applied T::A to one $work project I cut 30% off the wall clock time for the core test suite. Useful.

Test-Aggregate (0.05)

This module to help speed up test suites is a welcome addition to the Perl quality assurance toolkit.

The documentation is clear and easy to follow. I like that you can switch tests over to this system incrementally, easing migration.