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Task (1.04) *****

Remember Bundles? Me neither. Task has really caught on, and for good reason.

Task (1.01)

To respond to Darin from the author's perspective, I personally went through dozens of possible names, and the modules@perl.org mailing list pulled out the thesaurus and went through many more.

Task was used in the end because it's a closer description than Bundle, it is NOT currently in use by CPAN modules, it doesn't have DIRECT associative computer science meaning that would justify keeping the name free. Although it is used quite a bit in computers, most uses of it are so generic or context specific to make the use of Task:: too confusing.

And finally there was an analogy that could be made with the task_foo series of debian packages, where a Task module would be what you do to achieve a general task like "setting up Catalyst" rather than installing a specific package of code.

It was the best of a bad situation. If anyone has alternative and better names, I would love to here one. Because the term Bundle itself is wrong and often misinterpreted.

Task (1.04)

All reviews deleted.

Task (1.01) *****

Darin McBride's recent rating prompted me to write an answer.

I agree that the idea is sound. A "bundling" system that doesn't require extra magic from the installation system which the client uses has long been overdue and I have successfully used Task::* bundles.

The namespace has undergone some significant brainstorming. I witnessed that. I think Adam made a good choice with "Task". Furthermore, it is, to my knowledge, not directly connected to a concept from computer science which ruled out a couple of other good suggestions.
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