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String-Diff (0.06) ****

Works nicely and efficiently, too bad the documentation is dificient.

I wish there was a way of making it try to cut at word boundaries rather than search greedily: e.g. if you compare "this that" and "that", String::Diff will tell you that "is th" was removed. This is true, but not great if you want to show a diff that makes sense to the end user.

String-Diff (0.04) *****

Very nice. I like the clear output of diff_fully. You should add the output as example to the homepage. It works better for me than Text::Diff. And it really saved time.

String-Diff (0.02) ****

Provides a straightforward means of comparing differences in two strings, and marking those differences in a chosen manner.

The module looses two stars, one for its documentation: a verbose Synopsis, but not explanation of how to get the advertised coloured terminal output.

The other problem is that the output of diff_fully: a list of tokens is a useful idea for me, but having several 'unchanged text' tokens in a row is something I would hope not to have to optimise away myself.

Overall, promises to be very useful.
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