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RRD-Simple (1.44) *****

Its about as ideal an interface and tool as I could hope for.

The simplicity of which I can create and maintain RRD Graphs makes me so very tempted to ditch munin entirely, because the amount of effort to make a single munin plugin is *more* complicated than the effort to make a self-hosting self-graphing daemon with this tool.

RRD-Simple (1.44) *****

It is an aptly named module- RRD-Simple. It made dumping licensing and temperature information into RRD databases quite simple. Excellent documentation and examples.

RRD-Simple (1.44) *****

Excellent and extremely useful module, with a helpful author. My only quibble is that you cannot specify the path to RRD files on Win32 platforms.

RRD-Simple (1.44) *****

Thank you very much for developing RRD::Simple.

We are using the module to build our RRD databases and
create various reports.

RRD-Simple (1.38) *****

awesome, thanks alot