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Pod-Server (1.14)

I installed and got running with the usual commands. It started working instantly without any hiccups, and it was clever enough to work out the name of the server and give a URL for it. Unlike Pod::Webserver I was able to access the generated pod pages from other computers. It was able to find all the pages on the local computer. It displays encoded UTF-8 correctly, and it has a nice design for the pages.

However, for some reason (maybe my misconfiguration) the top page only lists pod files from AE to DateTime::, with no "next page" visible, so it's necessary to type in the URL for other files. Also it only displays parts of some pod pages. For example, "DBI::FAQ" is visible down to "3.7 What databa" then it suddenly stops.

Pod-Server (1.09) *****

A nice little tool should you want to be able to list all installed modules and view their installation locally via a browser rather than using perldoc.

A lot of dependencies (via Squatting, mainly), but overall, nice.