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Plagger (0.7.17) ***

While surely this is good software from a developer and even potentially a user's perspective, it is a lot to manage for the system administrator. It pulls in a lot of dependencies, much more than average, and it pulls in things that one is unlikely to use because many of the dependencies are for Asian languages and locale mangling and the like.

Code re-use is good - but having too many dependencies means you have to shave a lot of yaks just to get your software running and that is a negative.

Plagger (0.7.17) *****

Excellent all around module for ripping feeds apart and then putting them back together again in whatever format you need. It takes very little work to setup and the examples get you 90% of what you need most of the time.

Plagger (0.7.17) *****

Plagger is a great package for doing anything related to RSS (feed) processing. If you need to create a "planet" site, like, you can do it in 10 lines of YAML. If you want to have plagger e-mail you whenever the weather forecast says it's going to rain, you can do that too. If you want to merge your 10 favorite non-fulltext, ad-encrusted, tracking-image-encumbered feeds into one ad-free fulltext Atom feed, Plagger makes it simple.

To get started, it's best to look at the examples:

since a lot of the documentation is in Japanese.