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PerlBuildSystem (0.43.290) ****

Having actually used PBS i have to say that it's really powerful.

Verifying all dependencies including CFLAGS is something i really miss at work, since it would save me from a lot of grief, and it's something no other build system i have played with has done.

While any advanced and sufficiently powerful system might seem hard to grasp for the beginner, it's usually worth it in the end.

As for the other comments left here, i wonder...
Not portable? It's PERL!
Problems with the license? Thats the authors discretion.

PerlBuildSystem (0.43.290)

Yes the licence is restrictive. If you want to make smarter land mines or missiles, do it but use something else then PBS. It's interresting to see that you just extract what you want from the licence. The last paragraph could be an interresting read. As for the typos, not everybody is born English speaker but I will verify it.

The documentation sucks, I write it myself in the, sucky, documentation.

Non portable? so you actually used it and find it was not portable. I'd be very glad to see a technical test report. Then I'll try to understand how I could get it to work on Linux and Windows.

Thank you for the reviews, even negative one are carefully read.

I will mark the next release as a developer's release.

Cheers, Nadim

PerlBuildSystem (0.43.290)

The README and license.txt are POD, not plain text.

The license is absurd:

"You are forbiden [sic] to use PBS if one of the following applies to you:

* You belong to any armed group (inclusive any nation's army).

* You work for (or are) an armement [sic] designer, constructor, producer, or saler [sic].

* You, are part or, work for an entity that directely [sic] produces work or goods for any of the above."

Typos aside, this license excludes most major corporations (including software corporations) which have some connection to the arms industry, citizens of countries with universal military service requirements, people who work for any national government, and employees or students (who are a "part of") of a major university (as most have grants for some kind of arms research).

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