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Perl6-Say (0.16) *****

Does what it says on the tin.

This module is a very clever and reliable hack to bring in 90% of say to 5.8 users of which there are still "many" x 10 such as my current paying client. Now one does not have to make the decision between the convenience of say and 5.8 compatibility.

A small improvement would be to make this module a pass through to 'use feature "say"' when running under 5.10 similar to other feature compatibility modules.

Perl6-Say (0.16) **

Ok, it's not 2004 anymore, I suggest we retire or start to deprecate this module? This module now requires Perl 5.8, and Perl 5.10+ has "say" built in, so basically this is a module specifically for 5.8 *only*.