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Mozilla-CA (20141217) *****

I like it a lot that there is a new version of Mozilla::CA now available on CPAN again :D

This is a great module because it allows you to check certificates without depending on stuff on your system such as openssl, which makes it a trusted fallback on platforms such as Windows.

LWP::Protocol::https will use this by default if there is no SSL_ca_file or SSL_ca_path passed.

HTTP::Tiny will do the same if there is no SSL_ca_file passed.

So it's a very important piece of security infrastructure for Perl. Please make sure you keep yours up-to-date!

Mozilla-CA (20130114) *

Certificate authority certificates are a critical part of the TLS infrastructure and that must be kept up to date.

This package has not been updated for years now.

So, don't use it.