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MooseX-AttributeHelpers (0.21) *****

Very useful extension to moose. Should IMHO be part of Moose itself!

One minor problem: You need to provide a hashref to "provides". If your method names match the names from this module you end up with a hash like
{ push => 'push', pop => 'pop', ... }

Being able to pass an arrayref would be great (like "handles")!

MooseX-AttributeHelpers (0.17) *****

If you're using Moose you owe it to yourself to take a look at MooseX::AttributeHelpers. It will further reduce the amount of you write, and gives you a pony! The documentation is a bit scattered, but good enough.

MooseX-AttributeHelpers (0.12) *****

The documentation is a bit strange, the functions are documented in the Method Provider classes, but this is the single most useful MooseX package I think we have. It makes writing a quick and dirty API around a HashRef or ArrayRef incredibly simple and straight forward. This complements Moose::Autobox by being rather exactly the inverse principle (making an API for others to consume vs Autobox's make an API for you to consume).

All in all *highly* reccomended.