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Mac-Glue (1.30) *****

It's a wonderful module.

I can now control all my applications with Perl, using a very simple interface.

The only catch was that I didn't know I first had to create the "glue" for an application in order to control it (then again, I didn't read the documentation thoroughly), but I googled the error message and found the answer in "0.08 seconds".

Just in case somebody else needs it, here's what I had to do to start using this wonderful piece of technology:

sudo gluemac /Applications/

Just do that for every app you'll want to control later on.

Bottom line is, the module works great, and gives Perl users an amazing new degree of control over their Mac applications.

Mac-Glue (1.21) ****

It's modules like this that make me /really/ wish there was a Usefulness metric in ratings. The documentation isn't great on the "doing simple things" front, because most of that sort of thing can be gleaned from the AppleScript docs for the applications you'll want to use. The system isn't painless to use, because AppleScript and Apple Events are painful things. The interface is great, considering that it has to mimic a considerably less great interface. Despite all this, the point is that Mac::Glue is insanely useful. It frees me from most of the shackles of AppleScript, lets me tie my Mac's programs to the entire might of Perl, and almost always works as I've learned to expect. Any serious Perl-on-Mac user needs to understand this module.