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MIME-Types (2.13)

MIME::Types seems to work well enough. Its results are almost, but not quite, identical to File::MimeInfo. For example an Excel file gets this:

File::MimeInfo: application/vnd.ms-excel
MIME::Types: application/vnd.ms-excel

but a bmp file gets this:

File::MimeInfo: image/bmp
MIME::Types: image/x-bmp

Unlike Media::Type::Simple it returns an undefined value when it sees an extension it doesn't recognise, rather than throw a fatal error. Unlike File::MimeInfo, it doesn't try to open the file and guess what is inside it.

For a full comparison including source code and results on various files, see


MIME-Types (1.26) ***

The object-oriented interface is a bit cumbersome, e.g. $type = (MIME::Types->new)->type(shift).

I don't understand the relationship between the MIME::Types and MIME::Type modules: they seem to have the same POD.

I just want to be able to get a MIME-Type from an extension, and to get a list of extensions associated with a MIME-Type.

A bigger annoyance is that the list is rather small.

I wish it could give a "common" extension for MIME-Type (in particular, a 3-character extension), so that I can use it for normalising file names.

Moaning aside, I was able to get what I needed from it quickly.

Edit: I have since written a module Media::Type::Simple that takes care of my moans...