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MIME-Base64 (3.15) *****

This module is a success.

MIME-Base64 (3.05) *****

This module translates content to or from a Base64 encoding. Base64 is a technique for encapsulating binary data in ASCII so that it can be transmitted by protocols that don't handle binary very well, like email.

This module is particularly useful for attaching files to Perl-generated email messages.

This module is pleasantly easy to use. It is widely used by other modules which implement Base64 functionality (Perl::via::Base64, Mail::SendEasy::Base64, etc).

See also MIME::Base64::Perl, which implements the same algorithm in Perl instead of in C -- slower, but nice if you don't have a compiler available.

MIME-Base64 (2.20) *****

It does its job well, without hassle or fuss. Yay!