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Linux-Inotify2 (1.21)

Removed previous rating.

Linux-Inotify2 (1.2) *****

The Catalyst Restarter was recently improved and in the process it seems to consume more CPU. Installing this module was recommended on #catalyst for Linux kernels 2.6.13 or greater. It reduced CPU memory spikes from 22-25% to about 7-8% in my non-formal tests.

I highly recommend it.

Linux-Inotify2 (1.2) *****

This module works fine and integrates nicely with your event loop of choice. I am not sure why it only has two stars.

Linux-Inotify2 (1.2) ***

Documentation still needs work, although it is getting better. Lines that are confusing are lines like; "cancel this watcher: remove no further events". Does that mean,

- Remove, no further events

- Remove events that don't go further

- Remove further events

Also some of the code itself might not be considered "Modern Perl," one could replace the printf * foreach @array with a print map { } @array for example.

But all in all, thanks for doing this Marc, I'm glad to have this module on CPAN.

Linux-Inotify2 (1.01)

I would like someone in the documentation to point out more of the differences between Linux::Inotify and Linux::Inotify2. The documentation lacks too much information in both of them.
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