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LWP-Curl (0.12)

Those looking for LWP drop-in replacement might want to take a look at the recently released LWP::Protocol::Net::Curl instead, which supports WWW::Mechanize.

LWP-Curl (0.10) ***

An excellent idea!

cURL is a great HTTP library, but for some reason scripting language bindings for it (PHP and Perl are the ones I've tried) pretty much exactly follow the cURL C API, which is pretty horrible.

LWP-Curl takes WWW::Curl::Easy and wraps it in the LWP interface which should be already familiar to pretty much anyone who's done any WWW scripting in Perl.

It's not a complete implementation of the LWP API, but the TODO section of the documentation notes that this is planned.

Marked it down on the "overall" score because Makefile.PL does not include correct dependency information. For example it lists WWW::Curl::Easy as a "build_requires" dependency, when it's actually a run-time dependency.

LWP-Curl (0.10) *****

GREAT module. Best of the curl modules IMO. Used it for some middleware at my fortune100 company, and everybody is happy.