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HTML-Perlinfo (1.61) *****

This module is very easy to use and lets me know about my Perl installation (including module versions, descriptions, etc). The documentation is excellent.

HTML-Perlinfo (1.61)

Author's note: The reviews here are very, very old. (They are reviewing version 1.00 from 2005.) HTML::Perlinfo does not require non-core modules. And it has reusable components.

HTML-Perlinfo (1.00) *

This module is a can opener inside the can. If you can install it, you already have the most important information that it can provide you, particularly as it depends on multiple non-core modules.

There’s a lot of additional information that seems to have been added purely to make an impressive display.

The code is an excercise in bouncing on the copy-paste key. Presumably to reduce the effect of having to cope with that, the code is broken up following the form of packages, but it does not actually use packages, and none of it is reusable.

The choice of namespace is really poor. There is precious little HTML-specific about the purpose of this module.

HTML-Perlinfo (1.00) ****

This module produces nice-looking output with lots of information about a perl installation. Granted, it's possible that when you need this information, such as when first getting access to a new server, you might still have some difficulty installing modules in the first place (in the worst case you can resort to things such as perl -V and print Dumper \%ENV). However, I imagine that this module could be useful if the hosting providers installed it. That way they wouldn't need to keep separate documentation about their perl resources, as they can be computed on the fly.

HTML-Perlinfo (1.00) **

It's a lot of work just to output the Perl Config{}, environment, and server information to a web page. (There are several modules it uses for this.) One just doesn't need a module for this.

The question is, why?

The only use I can think of for this module is when one is given access to a web server that can run CGI scripts and needs to determine some information about the server and Perl installation. But that requires this module to be installed... if you can get the SysAdmin to install this module and its prerequisites, then why can't she answer your questions about the server? (And if she won't answer your questions adequately enough, why would she bother installing this module for you?)