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HTML-HTMLDoc (0.10) *****

Despite not being touched for 6 years, this is a fabulous module for converting a HTML page to PDF. ++will use a lot. ;)

It has its limitations (such as ignoring CSS) and all, but handles tables and inserting headers, footers, background images nicely.

HTML-HTMLDoc (0.07) ***

I had problem running it from CGI.
My CGI doesn't assume the path for anything, including htmldoc.
So I had to modify the doc to set the path for htmldoc as /usr/local/bin/htmldoc. It took me few hours to figure it out from my application.

HTML-HTMLDoc (0.07) ****

This module worked great for me. I was easily able to use it to generate a PDF file. I was also happy to see that that the documentation contained a tip to allow it work under mod_perl. Before I found this I made system calls to the 'htmldoc' binary. With this module I no longer have to bother with managing temporary files myself.

HTML-HTMLDoc (0.07) **

I would not recommend this module. I spent quite a lot time on it and I couldn't get it working.

The software users manual of HTMLDOC contains a far easier way to call HTMLDOC from perl. See chapter 5 paragraph 3 (

Example: small perl program underneath (*nix) will take your html file and display it as a pdf in browser:

sub topdf {
my $filename = shift;
select(STDOUT); $| = 1;
print "Content-Type: application/pdf\n\n";
system "/usr/local/bin/htmldoc -t pdf --quiet --webpage $filename";
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