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Git-Repository (1.319) *****

I have now used Git::Repository in about 4 small applications. The interface is simple and easy to use and the examples in the documentation are a huge help.

Git-Repository (1.317) *****

I have been using this module for several revisions over the last 2 years or so with great success. It improves with every update. It was also the only Git module I could ever get working in Windows and getting it working was easy.

Git-Repository (1.315) *****

I'm enjoying using this. It's making my current git workflow automation much easier to implement. The author (BooK) is very responsive to queries and suggestions. Recommended.

Git-Repository (1.313) *****

I commonly use this module:

my $git = Git::Repository->new( work_tree => getcwd );

$git->run( add => $options->{file} );

$git->run( commit => '-m', $message, "--date=$commit_day" );

$git->run( 'push' );

very useful to make things done!

Git-Repository (1.17) *****

This library is as good and complete as git itself allows, you can basically do anything you'd do with git itself. Works with bare repositories, with working copies, with remotes. 5 stars very well earned.

Git-Repository (1.17) *****

Makes it really easy to use Git from a Perl program, Git::Repository::Log is especially helpful, you can get all of Git's log information in a Perl datastructure instead of parsing it out yourself.