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EvilBoss (1.01) *

There's *no* documentation.

I have absolutely no idea what it does.

Unless it's something related to a website called EvilBoss (which I assume it isn't), no one looking for the functionality it provides (whatever it may be) will be able to find it.

The code looks clean and well structured, though, so it probably just needs some documentation and perhaps a name change.

EvilBoss (1.01) **

The code looks clean enough, but of course there's zero documentation. All I can tell is that it's something to do with FidoNet... perhaps for building FidoNet agents?

EvilBoss (1.01) *

No documentation, no tests, and a name that leaves you guessing what the heck it does. I checked the source of one of the modules, and there were no useful comments, either.