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Email-Send (2.196) **

Email::Send is reasonable for sending off a message if your needs are very, very simple. It has numerous issues, though, and should be avoided in favor of its replacement, Email::Sender.


* you can't specify envelope (smtp/sendmail) sender/rcpts distinct from message header
* the return values are bizarre and confusing (Return::Value)
* SMTP will always send even if some recipients are refused
* "message modifiers" are called cumulatively instead of on message clones
* transports generally have no state and cannot be persistent
* the default behavior is to try every mailer available, including the Test mailer, potentially losing mail

Many of these problems can't be fixed without significant problems or backwards incompatibility. Please consider using Email::Sender (and Email::Sender::Simple) instead.

Email-Send (2.189) *****

Current maintainer Ricardo SIGNES responds to bug reports
(and resolves them with fixed releases) extremely quickly.
Thank you.

Email-Send (1.43) *****

Works great!

Email-Send (1.43) *****

I couldn't figure out how to send an Email from the Email::Simple module. This module made it easy. Thanks Casey.