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Devel-Trace (0.12) *****

Very useful module, exceptionally to understand what XS lib generates a Perl segfault.

Devel-Trace (0.11) *****

Devel-Trace has proven instrumental in debugging some code. It does one thing and does it well. One may wish to look into Devel-Trace-More, which provides a superset of Devel-Trace's functionality (note: I didn't try it yet).

Devel-Trace (0.10)

Simple. Intuitive. A lifesaver when you need this functionality.

Devel-Trace (0.10) *****

This module does one thing and does it well. It's effectively a tiny wrapper around the little-known DB interface to the debugger which makes using it a trivial one-liner.

It's great. It invariably takes mere seconds for Devel::Trace to show me just where it is that I'm being stupid