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Class-Load (0.23) *

Class::Load is easy to use... until you discover its caveats.
For example try_load_class doesn't work properly with 'Sub::Util' See

Use instead Module::Runtime (that Class::Load now uses under the hood).

Class-Load (0.06) *****

This the best Module Loading tool I can find on CPAN, I've done a reasonably exhaustive search of everything and analysed their traits:

A long story short, much the competition on CPAN have
1) A horrible interface
2) Offer you with little more than a module-2-pathname translator
3) Possibly do a whole lot of stuff you never want / never need to do.
4) Lacking in features to just DWIM, especially with regard to working around various perl quirks in various languages.

If you're handling optional dependencies, this module is a MUST: