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CGI-Application-Plugin-Forward (1.06) ****

Can save you needless http requests! Basically switch runmodes right in the middle of a runmode, if you want. Make the runtime environment act as if the runmode had been something else. Not for everybody- maybe if your cgiapp is getting heavy, might help some speed issues for the end user.

CGI-Application-Plugin-Forward (1.06)

I had a hand in this one, so I won't give a formal rating.

This module provides an internal redirect, and I now consider it an integral part of the CGI::Application framework.

It's added value is that it keeps track of the "current run mode" when making internal redirects in CGI::Application.

It works well in combination with the newer feature of load_tmpl() to have a default template name based on the current run mode.

Without the forward() feature, the calculation of the template name after the internal redirect wouldn't work.

It's not essential depending on your application, but for cases like the above, it's exactly the right tool for the job. Some other plugins may already use it internally whether you it directly or not.