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Bryar (2.6) ****

Bryar is a very nice start for a simple but extensible blog framework. It has some quirks and design issues, though, especially in the layout of the controlling Bryar class. Still, using Bryar made it very easy for me to re-implement my awful blog with all of its original features, plus more, in just an hour or two. Extending Bryar with new features and sources has remained very easy, and I look forward to seeing it develop in the future.

Bryar (2.6) *****

This module is perfect for a programmers blog. Because it is based on the _very_ strong template toolkit, it is very easy to make it do anything desired, visually. Adding new entries is effortless, which is good because I am very lazy and not very dedicated to the art of blogging. If it were _any_ tougher, nothing would ever get posted!

Bryar (2.3) *****

An excellent blogging tool that is super easy to setup and use. Very similar in concept to Blosxom but with cleaner code design (nothing against Blosxom; Bryar has had the advantage of copying a good example). Documentation needs some work including better examples of use.