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App-cpanminus (1.7042) *****

Everybody has said it already, but anyway, this is a huge improvement over the default CPAN client which comes with Perl.

The merit of this module is that App::cpanminus only tries to do one simple job, install a module for you, which is the only thing you really a cpan client to do, 99.999% of the time.

App-cpanminus (1.6920) *****

Simple and elegant. It's a pleasure to use.

App-cpanminus (1.6909) *****

cpanm makes CPAN even beter.

Thank you MIYAGAWA

App-cpanminus (1.6902) *****

Thanks for the great app.

App-cpanminus (1.6108) *****

Cpanm is just awesome!

First, the installation is brilliant (painless, flexible, just works!)

Second, it just does the right thing - you can install any package from cpan or backpan just by pasting the url, or have it look up the module for you.

No complicated arguments, just install it already.

I doubt if I will ever use cpan again.

Nicely done in every way.

App-cpanminus (1.4007) *****

A must have app if you use CPAN for as much stuff as you should be using it.

App-cpanminus (1.3001) *****

This is a joy to work with. Using the --local-lib and --local-lib-contained options make working with a local::lib per application really simple.

App-cpanminus (1.3000) *****

Way faster and more concise than cpan, and installs a bunch of modules on Strawberry Perl that just fail with cpan.

I wish cpanm did CPAN Testers reporting, but alas, that's outside its scope (cpan "minus").

App-cpanminus (1.1004) *****

This module saved my morning today. Normally, I use plain cpan to install Catalyst, a dozen plugins and other dependencies of some web projects I have to deploy. And no matter what I always have to answer some questions to cpan. Today I tried cpanm and all modules got installed without asking anything verbose questions like "would you like to install DDS as an alias to Data::Dumper::Streamer?". I unserstand why there is this question but when deploying large prerequisites I don't care. Really.

Again, thank you - cpanm saved me an hour of watching the screen. So I could have my breakfast.

App-cpanminus (1.1002) *****

I'd second the vote for --sudo being the default, but if I were using local::lib (like I probably should), I wouldn't want --sudo.

Fast, easy to use, painless.

App-cpanminus (1.1002) *****

This is excellent software! Installing CPAN modules is now more enjoying, faster and less pain in the "back". Thanks mr. Miyagawa!

App-cpanminus (1.0006) *****

It works well, less memory, pretty fast, built-in support for local::lib.

App-cpanminus (1.0006) *****

It is by Miyagawa. It has to be good. It is good. It just works. It couldn't be better.

App-cpanminus (1.0004) *****

I can only echo one more five star rating, and the earlier reviewer's recommendation to take more drugs.

If the verbosity of CPAN has ever "annoyed" you, use it one last time to install this module. No, really.

Thank you for the contribution!

App-cpanminus (1.0004) *****

Especially on small machines, cpan and cpanp can run into memory problems. This doesn't seem to be the case for cpanm.

It's blazingly fast and shows only the output you want to see.
All in all, a lovely app and now my default app to install modules.

App-cpanminus (0.9916) *****

cpanminus fetches, tests and installs modules in the time it takes for CPAN or CPANPLUS to wonder whether they should update their index today or not.

The module is young but promising; I suggest the author do more drugs.

App-cpanminus (0.9910) *****

Finally someone decided that the overly verbose output from cpan had to be dealt with.

The author fixed an error I reported within 24 showing his willingness to get cpanm to play with the big boys.

A few things I'd like to be changed are:

- An even less verbose output
- switch '--sudo' should be the default (nothing an alias can't fix though)
- The module is not really a 'standard' module in its structure
- within a week of development it went from simple to, already, trying to do a lot, maybe too much.

Altogether an excellent addition and my now 'standard' cpan front end.

App-cpanminus (0.09) *****

This is a vote of general support and enthusiasm. It requires bravery to re-implement the functionality of a sacred cow. 'cpan' and its neighbors has been and will continue to be a fabulous software, responsible for a lot of Perl's success over the years.

But sometimes it's good to have a simplistic, very functional and interesting youngster about to shake things up.

Thanks Tatsuhiko for this and the other 192 modules you have put on CPAN!
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