Reviews by Zak


Config-Tiny (2.12) *****

Simple, easy to use, and just works. :)

KinoSearch (0.20_051) *****

This is a very well documented search engine that just works(tm). It has many features, and is actively supported via the email list, which you can subscribe to at .

HTML-Parser (3.60) *****

Simple, easy to use, and it works.

HTTP-BrowserDetect (0.99) *****

So far, this module has worked for me with no issues. Thank you for working on this module, I appreciate the effort.

Finance-Loan (0.03)

I would recommend using another module. This module is not under active development, and the interface is a bit weird. I wrote this module to experience writing a module and I thought at the time it performed a unique service unavailable elsewhere on CPAN. As the search engines have improved, I have found this to not be the case, and there are other modules which offer more functionality than this one. That said, if you use the module as it was intended, it will reliably work for you. Good luck.