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DBI (1.18) *****

I haved used this version reliably with DBD::mysql 1.2216 and with the MySQL 3.23.52 database under Red Hat Linux 7.2 for over a year.

RPC-XML (0.45) ****

Version 0.45 worked well under Red Hat Linux 7.2 and interoperated well with version 0.53 under Red Hat Linux 9 (RH 7.2 was albeit in a VMware virtual machine). It does take a bit of an investment in reading the docs carefully to get it right, but worked quite reliably thereafter.

Msql-Mysql-modules (1.2216) *****

Worked without difficulty under Red Hat Linux 7.2 with MySQL 3.23-52 and DBI 1.18. Very pleased with its reliability.

[NOTE: not sure if my prior rating was associated with the correct version used.]

DBD-mysql (2.1021) ****

I backed out of this version with Red Hat Linux 9 when I ran into a compatibility problem with MySQL 4.0 and with 3.23-52. MySQL 3.23-54 would not install properly with RH 9 (not sure why). When I backed out to MySQL 3.23-52 (pre security patch :-( unfortunately), I found that there was an underlying incompatibility between GLIBC 2 that Perl 5.6 and 5.8 are compiled with and an earlier version that MySQL 3.23-52 was compiled with. I backed out DBD-mysql to 1.2216-4 which works well with 3.23-52 (oh, did I mention I did this in a RH 7.2 virtual machine running under RH 9 using VMware!).

Anyway, that's not the author's fault, but it is a consideration worth covering in the documentation to make the module easier to apply.

DBD-Oracle (1.14) *****

I have used this module without any difficulties on Solaris 2.6 with Oracle 7.3.4 for years (OK, I need to upgrade, but ConText text retrieval and Oracle Text are incompatible so there is a porting effort needed for a legacy application using the same database, without the DBI, when money is available :-).