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Tcl-Tk (0.82) *****

provides same functionality as Perl/Tk, but makes available much more richier widget set (all widgets in Tcl/Tk distribution, including pure-Tcl and other widgets).
Both perlTk and pure-Tcl syntaxes are available.
Allows to perform GUI design in any Tcl/Tk designer (say, vtcl from and use that GUI from Perl seamlessly.

Also it is fast to startup and quick to redraw.

I am co-maintainer of this module.

Parse-RecDescent (1.94) *****

Really great module.
When I tried using it, I realized that this module wiser than me, because it is capable accomplishing tasks that I can not do :)
Also afetr my PocketPC could easily run it, I got much more respect to my WinCE device :)
Also community loves this module and find Parse::RecDescent questions very interesting to investigate and answer.