Reviews by Tommy Butler

RSS (3.25) *****

God bless and its author(s). It has proved itself time and again as an outstanding gift to the Perl user base, the CGI programmer's best friend.

XML-RSS-Parser (4.0) *****

Great module! The docs could use more work. With a little poking and snooping around in the objects created by each call (via Data::Dumper) I was able to produce a working application in less than half an hour. Good Work!

XML-RAI (1.01) ***

The wantarray() nonsense of all autoloaded methods on XML::RAI::Item objects is a SERIOUS inconvenience, and is NOT documented as such. BAD BAD BAD. My recommendation: get rid of the wantarray nonsense. Another suggestion: MENTION that $item->title, $item->link, etc need to be called in scalar context if you want the actual content. I shouldn't have to go to your source code to figure out why your module's interface is not working as expected. It cost much more time than I would have liked.

Further, using AUTOLOAD like you do is wasting resources (autoloading is costly) and questionable here. The concept of RAI is very sexy, but work on the interface huh?

CGI-Compress-Gzip (0.17) *****

A great contribution to CPAN. Thanks Chris Dolan!!