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Class-DBI (0.96) ****

I have been using Class::DBI for about a year, as I have needed more it has provided what I needed after reading through the documentation.

I have also built several subclasses that change the behaviour a great deal and have found that on the whole it works very well when subclassing although it would be nice if the SQL building was componentized a little more with less of a magical interface, this can be worked around trivially though using the methods provided or writing your own.

Data-Iterator-EasyObj (0.01) ***

A bit mediocre - documentation needs more work to make it clearer

code is ok, not superfast but adds some convenience

Autodia (1.7) ****

Pretty solid now - user interface has plenty of options and is well documented.

Still has some issues handling complex c++ and perl

Math-Curve-Hilbert (0.03) **

This is still pretty experimental, more of a proof of concept than a useful module.
It should however be pretty easy to subclass and make into something useful,as the recursive algorithm is pretty good.