Reviews by Peter C.


HTML-Mason (1.39) *****

Tried using a couple of well known CMS's and had steep learning curve with CSS templates and php/mysql (my background is Perl & Sybase). However they were too limiting - despite the exaggerated claims made for their addons. I decided to apply the state of the art css ideas (eg no nasty tables!) and sef ideas as well as the CMS structured approach using Mason/Perl and Linux native features (structured directories and user/group permissioning) Extracted all my old work from the CMS mysql database and within a day had site rebuilt in Mason. Couldn't believe how easy it was for a first time Mason user. Autohandler + css template is incredibly powerful with components slotting in beautifully on the pages as either raw html, hybrid perl/html, short perl scripts or pure components. Why didn't I know about this before - answer: its the CSS template that does the work - a lesson from the CMS's I looked at.