Reviews by Slaven Rezic


WebService-YouTube (1.0.3) *

The module does not work anymore, see
Probably a victim of another deprecated Google API.

XML-SAX-RTF (0.1) *

This distribution is dangerous. If used, then it installs itself as the default XML::SAX parser without actually being able to handle SAX events. See the bug report and discussion on

Test-Reporter (1.34)

While I share Adam's ranting about SMTP being the only protocol for sending testers reports, I don't see why this should result in a low rating for Test::Reporter. This module does exactly what it should: sending testers reports over the only channel the current CPAN infrastructure provides, and it seems to do it well, looking at the tens of thousand reports at

Time-Local (1.13)

It seems to me that the author of previous rating did not understand the purpose of the module (being just the inverse of perl's localtime() function) and how to use it (like localtime, timelocal uses 0..11 as month range).

Bundle-Tk (1.00)

It's seems that the author of the previous rating is unfamiliar with the Bundles concept. Please see:

Data-JavaScript (1_11) *****

This is really only an answer to Smylers' rating: the output of Data::JavaScript is verbose because of the ability to dump circular structures. So a general rule of thumb would be: if you know your data structure is free of circular references, use Data::JavaScript::Anon, otherwise use Data::JavaScript.

All in all, Data::JavaScript is easy to use and does what it should. The only missing thing is unicode support.

EDIT: As of 1.10, unicode support is available.

MySQL-Diff (0.33) *****

mysqldiff, the command line tool in the MySQL::Diff distribution, is a very handy tool for upgrading databases to new schemas without losing content and without hassle with ALTER, CREATE and DROP statements. The only downside is that the documentation is somewhat sparse (no Pod, just a reference to the web site).

Tk-ObjEditor (2.004) *****

With Tk::ObjEditor I am able to get a MLDBM editor with just a oneliner (well, nearly):

perl -MTk -MTk::ObjEditor -MMLDBM=DB_File,Storable -e 'tie %db, "MLDBM", "foo.mldbm" or die $!; %x = %db; tkinit->ObjEditor(caller => \%x, direct => 1)->pack;MainLoop; %db = %x'

rename (1.4) *****

Much better and more "perl-ish" than the rename command which comes with the util-linux package.

Wizard (0.1006) *

Author has abondened this module.