Reviews by David 'Sniper' Rigaudiere


Dancer (1.3070) *****

Please stops bashing Dancer if you didn't event use it !!!

Dancer is not Moose, because Dancer wants less dependencies as possible.
The Dancer core team use Moose, members even wrote a book with Moose apology chapter.

If you don't love Dancer for GOOD reasons, please tell them here otherwise please stops pollute CPAN Ratings, this is not a good place for anti marketing, for team developer politics and other bullshits !

I didn't code with Perl 2 last years, I discovered Dancer this month et woahhh.
It reconciled me with the web, really.
Fast, simple, powerful, stable, well documented.

Great works guys !

Acme-JavaTrace (0.03) *****

Funny Acme module, anyway it helped me to find a bug ;)