Reviews by Erik Aronesty


Mojolicious-Plugin-Mail (1.1) ***

The plugin will cause your app to block until the mail is sent. Mojo's all about prefork + event driven programming, right? Shouldn't you use AnyEvent::SMTP::Client?

XML-Tiny (2.06) *****

Most of the time, when presented with so-called XML, I'm parsing "tag-soup"... not XML. This module is better than what I usually do: /<tag[^<>]+>/. Java programmers probably won't like it, because they like BFs, ... but this *is* CPAN.

MIME-Lite (3.027) *****

Finally, a mime/mailing package in perl that generally "does what you mean", gives you power to send a modern email, and doesn't hassle you about the details and internals.

Moose (0.93) ****

Moose works well. Unfortunately, in my experience, Moose is often used in projects that don't need it. Simpler is better. If you have a giant system with 48 classes and dozens of programmers.... Moose might help. If you're posting 1 CPAN module, please don't people install Moose.

Finance-Currency-Convert (1.07) *****

I agree, simple and more effective than rolling your own.

Business-PayPal-NVP (1.03) *****

Darn it... i just wrote this... same autoloader and everything... and i even gave it the same name. Mine parses the response a bit more and massages date arguments for you and lowercases everything. But otherwise thumbs up...

XML-RSSLite (0.15) *****

We need more modules like this. I wish it showed up at all when people searched at google. Please update the version to 1.X ... so it shows up in more places. It works fine.

Email-MIME (1.863) *****

Easier and faster, as advertised. Thank you. I can think of a lot of internet projects that need this sort of effort.

DBD-SQLite (1.14) ****

A clean and fast db. I remember when "yum" went from something that hobbled to something that worked after switching to sqlite.

No releases for over a year? Too important a technology for that, IMO. A patched up developer release on git or svn or something with a half-dozen maintainers seems appropriate.

Module-Build (0.31012) ***

Module::Build is the thing that perl should have had all along. No need to have "make" - when perl is good enough. 2 minor suggestions that would eliminate the source of all the bad reviews here:

1. Spit out a compat passthrough Makefile.PL by default. Option should be to turn this off, not on.

2. "Autobundle" itself into inc/ (check out Module::Install, which should be looked to for other good options as well). Should be the default for compatibility at least for the next 5 years.

Module-Install (0.79) ****

Module install improves the interface to MakeMaker, and adds some important features (like suggested prequisites, separate test prereqs, ability to autoinstall prereqs without cpan, etc.)

Although the interface is superior to MakeMaker, you still need "make" if you use Module::Install, which is, IMO, something less than desirable.

Module::Build and Module::Install need to get together and be "one" system that bootstraps itself and has good, flexible settings (like ::Install), and is pure perl (like ::Build).

Business-PayPal-API (0.61) ****

Paypal's API (and SOAP in general, IMO) is a bit crazy, so I was glad that this SOAP wrapper existed to help get things going. Been running a few businesses on it for years.