Reviews by David Farrell


App-Wallflower (1.004) *****

I needed to create a simple static website but didn't want to hand-craft every file ... Wallflower came to the rescue - I generated the static site files from a Dancer2 application. It worked great!

WWW-YouTube-Download (0.56) *****

This module has a simple interface and works great. Recommended!

Method-Signatures (20130505) *****

Wow - this module enables genuine method signatures at almost no performance cost. Goodbye my $self = shift; !

Perl-Tidy (20130717) *****

This module is awesome, I regularly use it to clean up Perl code. The API can be a bit daunting at first: it has many options and flags, however reading the tutorial ( helped a lot.

If you manage a Perl project, use Perl::Tidy!

Nginx-ParseLog (1.01) *****

My module Nginx::Log::Line uses this lightweight module to parse raw Nginx access log files. It's simple and it works.

HTTP-Tiny (0.034) *****

HTTP-Tiny is my go-to scraping module. It works like a charm: combined with HTTP::CookieJar I'm able to get the data I need from websites.

HTTP-BrowserDetect (1.55) *****

This module has helped me simplify my Nginx log parsing module: Nginx::Log::Line. By using HTTP::BrowserDetect I was able to provide more reliable user agent and robot detection.