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DBD-Oracle (1.14) *

I've built severl DBD-Oracle modules over the years. Each seems to get progresively worse. While the 1.14 release builds and runs very well on Linux, a similar configuration on an HP-UX 11.0 system fails miserably.
This was the first version I've seen where the Makefile.PL script actually refused to run without modifications. After a week and a half of work and trying every conceiveable configuration option, the module still refuses to load for testing.
I realize part of this is Oracle's fault due to the construction of their libraries and internal makefiles, but it seems that v1.14 will not operate properly in an HP-UX 64-bit environment. This is unfortunate since most of our customers use HP rather than Linux.
I hope that I have time to do some serious work on this and build a working bundle.