Reviews by RB


Log-Log4perl-Tiny (1.0.0) *****

Yep, works as expected and very convenient for debugging when hacking.

Parallel-ForkManager (0.7.5) *****

Great sugar coating for forking.

File-Find-Rule (0.30) *****

This is a great package that's saved me numerous hours of work!

Test-Most (0.21) *****

I find Test::Most covers almost all angles that I need to in my units tests and consequently reduces the time I spend adding various Test:: packages to my unit tests.

Built on the shoulders of giants, Test::Most is a great consolidation of many useful things.

Archive-StringToZip (1.03) *****

As the author, I feel it necessary to give this package a 5 star rating in the name of balance and good taste. gomer hump is a meanie who has never given a rating above 2 stars to anything.

But seriously, folks, since the time of writing Archive::ZipToString Archive::Zip has had an addString method added that does pretty much what this package does, so do use that if you like to keep your dependencies down.

One day I'll update the documents to this effect


HTML-Tidy (1.08) ***

Since I first used this module a few years ago it has been much improved: The documentation is much more useful and the ->clean() method makes it clearer as to how to use this module to tidy up HTML and return it to you. There are improvements that could be made, but I do think earlier reviews are not indicative of how much more usable HTML::Tidy has become.

File-Slurp (9999.13) *****

A lovely package that makes simple but tedious tasks easier. Well documented and very useful.

HTML-Strip (1.06) *****

Well defined purpose, does what it says it does, easy to use. Probably worth explaining when and why the ->eof method should be called.

RPC-JSON (0.11) *****

Very nice module with a well defined role and does what it says on the tin.