Reviews by Roland Moriz


PHP-Perlinfo (0.03) *

Imho a useless Module: This is Perl, not PHP.

Perl already has enough working ways to provide information about the Perl binary and installed modules. Just do "perl -V" and play (read the POD) a bit with CPAN shell and/or CPANPLUS.

And hey, why does phpinfo() on php-cli return html crap?
Oops, no seperation between data-retrieving and output?!
Do we really need to "port" this "level" to Perl? I doubt.


Object-PerlDesignPatterns (0.03) *****

This documentation module is by far the best resource describing the implementation of common OOP designpatterns with perl.

The author released this module as a collection of his great wiki at which I can also recommend to every OOP interested perl programmer.

Thank you very much Scott and keep up the good work!

PAR (0.73) *****

it's just incredible useful :-)

Config-Simple (4.55) *****

I really like Config::Simple for writing and parsing configuration files. It supports different file types of configuration files - just use the one you like. Also the author is very friendly and supportive if you've a problem or a question. I recenctly converted nearly all my scripts that need a configuration file management to Config::Simple.
I hope that Sherzod will continue his good job in the future - what about adding an XML configuration style? :-)