Reviews by Leo Lapworth


Starman (0.2007) *****

With no other changes we saw a speed up of responses from average of 56ms to 28ms per request for almost static content (switching from Apache2) and the load on our servers halved.

(We use Perlbal infront and MogileFS behind Starman - for the curious)

Next to switch over the dynamic content.

Net-Amazon-EC2 (0.11) *****

Lets me manage my EC2 instances easily.

XML-TinyXML (0.15)

You might want to look at:


I'm not sure what this module offers that those do not


Dackup (0.42) *****

Simple to use with good examples.

Plack (0.9026) *****

Now this exists it's obvious that it needs to exist... why didn't we work out it needed to exist a long time ago?

Fantastic work and as commented below useful for debugging/testing even if your not writing your own framework.

Net-FS-Flickr (0.1) *****

Great for finding out your auth_key without having to play around

flickrfs <key> <secret>

then follow instructions, I've not used the rest of this modules features so can't comment on those.

Flickr-Upload (1.25) *****

Works nicely, only comment it the docs could have a bit more on the auth_token which got me confused for a while.

Just a little note - set up your API key as desktop API, then use Net-FS-Flickr script to get the auth_token:

flickrfs <key> <secret>

and follow the instructions to get the auth_token back for your sciprt

Data-Page-Set (0.04) **

Appologies for the previous version of this comment.. now updated...

I'm the author of Data::Pageset.

This module is fine at what it does, but it would have made more sense to put code around Data::Pageset if you want to automatically generate HTML as that is the only addition this module has over Data::Pageset.

The reason Data::Pageset doesn't generate HTML is that you are instantly restricting the usage of the module, and more so I consider this a design issue which should happen in the template; what happens if you need to add a class tag to the link - or additional parameter other than the page number?

Data::Pageset also inherits from Data::Page rather than storing it in the object so you can easily migrate between the two.

XML-MyXML (0.03) *

XML::Simple and XML::LibXML are far more mature than this module and seem to do the same job.

SOAP-MySOAP (0.01) *

This is just a basic wrapper around LWP, you want to be using either SOAP::Lite or SOAP::Lite::Simple

PAR (0.90) *****

I needed to get a script running on someone else's mac and couldn't be bothered to install the developer CD and then the modules I needed, so I use PAR and it just worked! - This is a fantastic module if you are distributing code - wish I'd know about it sooner.

Net-VNC (0.29) *****

Does the job

FormValidator-Simple (0.11) *****

Why wasn't this done sooo long ago - fantastic module making a great module even simplier

Net-FTP-Throttle (0.29) *****

Just what was needed to limit the upload of files so it didn't swamp our public network.

HTTP-Recorder (0.02) ****

This is SO cleaver - it will definatly make me write more of this sort of test - and more tests are always good!

We are also using it to write tests for our monitoring system.

As the docs say it doesn't do JavaScript yet - which is why I rated it 4 not 5.